Oregon® Gator® SpeedLoad Cutting System

Revolutionizing the way you reload trimmer line in as little as 20 seconds.

Reloading, Redefined.

Gator Speedload Cutting System

“Helps me get my job done faster”
Nic R.

Gator Speedload Cutting System


With a unique disk that simply pops into place, you can replace trimmer line in as little as 20 seconds.

20 second load time


The innovative tongue-and-groove disk replaces the usual tangle of trimmer line and eliminates the frustrations associated with replacing line into the trimmer head.

2 times longer life


Gator® SpeedLoad disks last up to 2x longer than typical line. Which means you’ll spend more time on the job and less time reloading line.

North American Part Number Model 24-200 24-200 Model 24-259 24-250 Model 24-500 24-500
Application Consumer Spindle Mt Small Professional Large Professional
Line Capacity 0.080"= 14.2'
2.0mm = 4.32M
0.080" = 14.2'
2.0mm = 4.32M
0.095" = 23'
2.4mm = 7M
Line Capacity 0.095" = 12.6'
2.4mm = 3.86M
0.095" = 12.6'
2.4mm = 3.86M
0.118" = 18.1'
3.0mm = 5.52M
Head Diameter 4.25"
4.25" 105mm 5" 130mm
Head Weight 252 g 250 g 354 g

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$0.00 using Gator Speedload

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  • Gator SpeedLoad can be reloaded by a new user in 20 seconds or less.
  • Gator SpeedLoad's compact line discs can easily be taken around the job site where the work is being done.
  • Gator SpeedLoad's compact line discs don’t require pre-cutting.
  • We assume that taxes and benefits add 25% to your hourly pay rate.

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